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Newsletter: 2019

Find out about the latest ongoing research in the project. 

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Opinion article: Improving the evidence base for delivery of public goods from public money in agri-environment schemes

There is growing interest around the world in more effectively linking public payments to the provision of public goods from agriculture. However, published evidence syntheses suggest mixed, weak or uncertain evidence for many agri-environment scheme options. To inform any future “public money for public goods” based policy, further synthesis work is needed to assess the evidence-base for the full range of interventions currently funded under agri-environment schemes. Further empirical research and trials should then focus on interventions for which there is mixed or limited evidence. Furthermore, to ensure the data collected is comparable and can be synthesised effectively, it is necessary to reach agreement on essential variables and methods that can be prioritised by those conducting research and monitoring. Future policy could then prioritise public money for the public goods that can most reliably be delivered, offering better value for taxpayers and improving the provision of ecosystem services from agricultural landscapes.

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Report: Exploring ecosystem markets for the delivery of public goods in the UK

Understanding how private ecosystem markets operate and the synergies and differences between existing schemes and trading platforms can support better integration of public and private finance, and broaden the range of outcomes and the scale at which these can be delivered. Find out more about these ecosystem markets, and the challenges and opportunities for UK agriculture. 

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Report: Integrating Natural Capital Schemes

Opportunity analysis for integrating carbon markets into multifunctional landscape marketplaces, such as those developed by the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) approach.

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Report: Resilient Dairy Social Innovation Lab

This report summarises the Social Innovation Lab led by Newcastle University, supported by project partners, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, 3Keel, Nestle and First Milk, which was held on 24th October 2018 in Cumbria. Initial findings were presented to Defra in December 2018.

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Policy Brief: What is the evidence that public money leads to public goods delivery from agri-environment schemes?


There is strong evidence that public goods including climate change mitigation, improved water quality and soil health can be provided by several on-farm interventions. There are policy options that could prioritise public money for public goods that can most reliably be delivered, while developing the evidence-base for interventions that are feasible on-farm via Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) pilot trials

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Policy Brief: What role for public-private partnerships to deliver public goods?

Place-based Payments for Ecosystem Service schemes are broadening to new land uses, habitats and services. Now Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) are pooling funds from multiple private investors to deliver public goods across a broader range of land uses and habitats than ever before. In this policy brief we summarise existing evidence behind the LENs approach and considers the role of public-private partnerships in post-Brexit agricultural policy. 

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