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The Challenge

The Team


This project is led by Prof Mark Reed from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), as part of their Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre. He brings expertise in environmental governance including Payments for Ecosystem Services, socio-technical innovation and social learning. Abigail Williams is a Research Assistant and Project Manager, helping coordinate the project, supporting stakeholder engagement and collecting and analysing qualitative data to answer research questions relating to farmer perspectives.

Newcastle University

Team members from Newcastle University bring internationally leading expertise in societal aspects of food safety, nutrition, sustainability and consumer demand (Lynn Frewer), Responsible Research & Innovation and participatory methods (Lynn Frewer) and evidence synthesis and Bayesian modelling (Gavin Stewart). 

University of Leeds

Team members from the University of Leeds bring internationally leading expertise in ecosystem service and hydrological modelling (Guy Ziv), soil and water biogeochemistry (Pippa Chapman), community ecology and conservation biology (Bill Kunin) and animal nutrition (Amy Taylor). 

University of Liverpool

Team members from University of Liverpool bring internationally leading expertise in animal health including veterinary parasitology (Williams), veterinary epidemiology (Baylis), antimicrobial resistance and the economics of animal health (Rushton). 

Nestle UK

As a partner in the research, Nestlé bring strong business and economics expertise to the team, with a focus on the identification and management of risks to operational performance and profitability. 


3Keel is leading on technical analysis and interpretation of landscape risks and opportunities for business, and will manage the academic-business interface. 3Keel are technical specialists in analysing business risk relating to natural resources in food supply chains, and are already working on pilot projects examining Nestle’s dairy and wheat supply networks, including convening links between industry, academia and NGOs with related interests. 

Business in the Community

Business in the Community is leading on  communicating and scaling-up the impact of this research by engaging business and sharing learning. They have a strong reputation for turning complex information into practical guidance that inspires business action and have significant and trusted reach through their extensive business membership, partners and social media. 

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